Everything begins from an #IDEA

Every #IDEA is formed within the mind

Ideas are sparked by #EXPERIENCES and constructed in the #IMAGINATION

The #IDEA functions like a seed

Just as a seed begins to grow when given water and proper nutrients, our Ideas begin to grow when nourished by conscious thought

The #IDEA will grow so long as we feed it via our Attention

When the #IDEA has been given enough attention, it will begin to germinate

There are infinite ways to #EXPRESS an #IDEA or #EXPERIENCE

Whatever mode of Expression we choose, it is highly important that we #SHARE our #EXPERIENCES. In this way, our #IDEA may be fed by the collective observing it, providing the nourishment that it needs to #EXPAND further into #REALITY

And thus, we retrieve a formula for maintaining the Feedback Loop of #CREATIVITY

We use this formula to #INSPIRE the #FUTURE indefinitely



What modes of Expression do you prefer to share your Experiences?

How has Creative Expression added value to your Experience?

Has there been a time when you shared a creation, and the ripple effect led to a brand new Experience? How have you observed the feedback loop of creativity in your life?